New Water Sports S.U.P. and Water Bike In Nepal

New Water Sports Nepal water bike and Stand up paddle SUP

Introduction to new Water sports Nepal Pokhara is the tourism capital of Nepal.It has uncountable resources. Which can stay on anyone hearts and memories for life long. Among all the beauty, beauty of Phewa lake is just awesome and unexplainable. Clean and serene water where you can see whole Annapurna range floating. Now, you can experience something…

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Experience underwater Scuba diving in Nepal for first time

Scuba Diving nepal

Experience Scuba Diving Nepal for the First Time Pokhara is the tourism capital of the country. Here you can find different natural beauty.This is for people who loves water sports. Every body wish to fly like a bird and swim like a fish. Now make your wish come true. Take your adventure madness into next level….

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Read Best Nepali Gajal and poems

read nepali gajal poems

Nepali literature are unique. It includes different fields. Story, Poems and gajal are the most essential component of the Nepali literature. This time we are presenting you a self written gajal collection. It was written by young gajal kar Bijay Thapa. You can read nepali gajal poems from here. Read nepali gajal poems चिसो भएको…

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Get to know Nepal finest lady Disco Jockey – DJ Moichyan

Nepal Finest lady DJ - DJ Moichyan

Interview with one of the finest Lady DJ of Nepal. Hello DJ Moichyan It’s great feeling to talk with you, with lady DJ, so please tell me about yourself? Who is DJ Moichyan? Well,My name is Deepika Kc.I started Djing when I was 16years old.I was just a regular girl before I started djing.Djing brought…

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Nepal top golf course – yeahnepal

Nepal top golf course

Nepal is the stunningly beautiful country.Due to difficult topography our country doesnot have more golf courses. Still from soothing Royal Nepal Golf course to hard walking Himalayan Golf Club here are the list of 5 Nepal top golf course. 1. Gokarna forest golf resort: This is the Nepal top golf course. This golf course was built…

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