Nepals Traditional Dances Classical and Folk

Nepals Traditional Dances

Nepal is multi lingual and multi cultural country. It is diversified in ethnicity. No country in the world have these sort of huge varieties of cultural and traditional taste. Each culture have their own tradition and ritual. Exciting thing is that all have their own mother tongue language and Cultural dresses. Most of all they all…

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Delicacy of Bhairahawa beautiful Shiksha Gurung

Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung

A face which reflects genuine princess image. The tiara fitting perfectly over her head. She is non other than Delicacy of Bhairahawa Shiksha Gurung. She natively belongs to Pokhara. She is currently residing in Bhairahawa. She has immense love for singing and music. This reserved-calm and gorgeous diva can win everyone’s heart in whatever she does. Not so choosy…

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