About Us

About Us

Welcome to the yeahnepal.

Yeahnepal is a complete Nepali portal. It deals with all the aspects of Nepal. Glamour, travels and tours, education and viral news are its main area of interest. This site is under the authority of yeahnepal team. All the contents in this site is genuine. All of them are self written or collected through different resources on internet. All the information about content transfer are mentioned in privacy policy section.
The main objective of our team is:
1. To provide fair and true picture of Nepalese society.
2.To promote Nepals tourism through internet.
3.To assist Nepalese education.
4.To manifest hidden Nepalese talents and discoveries.
[Note: All the content and piracy free as far as our concern. Unwanted uncertainties may arise regarding Privacy Policy. Please let us know]

Warm regard
(E.r. Krishna Mahat)C.E.O

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