How to control nepal diabetes major health problem?

Diabetes is also known as Sugar disease. It is a chronic disease in which either the pancreas cannot secrete adequate insulin or the body cannot use the secreted insulin. This result to high level of sugar in the blood. It is also of two types insipid and mellitus depending on the nature. In Nepal diabetes is the major health problem often seen on people of age group 40 above. To control Nepal diabetes we should adopt of the following preventive measures.

WHO estimates the number of people suffering from diabetes to be 180 million worldwide, a number estimated to be doubled by 2030. 80% of the total cases are considered to belong under developed and developing countries.

How to control nepal diabetes major health problem?
How to control nepal diabetes major health problem?

Diabetes can lead to various complications such as

  1. After 15 years of diabetes, approximately 2% people are found to suffer blindness where 10% develop visual impairment.
  2. Up to 50 % people with diabetes are known to develop diabetic neuropathy in feet increases chance  of non healing ulcers.
  3. 20%  patients are known to suffer from kidney problems.
  4. 50% of diabetes suffer from heart attack and stroke.

How to control nepal diabetes major health problem?


  1. Increased thirst and dry tongue.
  2. Frequent urination and water loss in body.
  3. Victim may feel extreme hunger.
  4. Victim may loss his or her weight.
  5. Fatigue.
  6. Delay in healing of wounds and cut.
  7. Presence of sugar in urine.
  8. Dry skin and itching.
  9. Blurred vision.

Preventive measure to control Nepal diabetes.

  1. Take healthy and balanced diet. Do not take junk food.
  2. Perform regular physical exercise. Maintain the body physique.
  3. Control body weight. Over weight is dangerous.
  4. Avoid alcohol and tobacco products.
  5. Follow healthy life style.
  6. Periodic urine and blood taste.

These are some of the symptoms and preventive measures to control Nepal diabetes. Following above measures will surely help to minimize and control Nepal diabetes.

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