Delicacy of Bhairahawa beautiful Shiksha Gurung

A face which reflects genuine princess image. The tiara fitting perfectly over her head. She is non other than Delicacy of Bhairahawa Shiksha Gurung. She natively belongs to Pokhara. She is currently residing in Bhairahawa. She has immense love for singing and music. This reserved-calm and gorgeous diva can win everyone’s heart in whatever she does.

Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung
Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung

Not so choosy Siksha dresses whatever makes her comfortable. Delicacy of Bhairahawa Shiksha Gurung do have will and courage to face anything. She ultimately wants to be is a successful nurse. Love and humanness on her ensure that she is in a right path chasing her dreams to serve a community. Charming Siksha is bright, talented and featured enough to be a model. She hasn’t shown interest in that field.May be a good contract is what she need to prove herself. Siksha truly deserves a shiny tomorrow for what she is today.

She is a versatile lady. She is very good at singing. She loves to play cover song. Recently she got her own channel on youtube. She is Video logging with her cover songs. It is very pleasant to hear her voice. She has god gift talent. She is the examples of beauty with brains.

We wish her all lucks for superior growth to her life.

Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung
Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung


Bhairahwa is also known as Sidhartha Nagar.It is located near about 260 km away from capital. It is a nearest city to far western border to india. It is the main hub for both business and tourism. Lord Buddha was born just 12 miles away from it. Anyone can reach Lumbini in just half an hour from here.  There are both highway and airway to get there. Highway is the cheapest means. You can reach here through pokhara also. Their is direct bus service which takes you to the chitwan and bhairahawa. The main purpose to visit her is to be in Lumbini. Anually thousands of tourist come her to visit Lumbini. Maya Devi temple is the main place inside Lumbini. There is a sacred pond where Buddha was first soak. It is the main place for every Buddhist around the world. Being ther you can feal peace. Peaceful green environment is the main feature of Lumbini. The place is called Kapilvastu. There are lots of temples inside this area. All of them represent Buddhism. The major attraction there is burning flame. It is a conserved area and a master plan is being implemented. Millions of donation are given here. Due to Lord Buddha Nepal is known is whole world.

Climate here is relatively hot. Since it lies in terai region temperature ranges from 47 to 97 F. Sunauli the main border is very close from here. It is a open order between Nepal and India. No visa and permits are required to pass the border. So it is the main business hub. Sunauli is known for cheap market. Goods and services are realatively cheaper then other cities in Nepal. You can find clothing, fooding, electronics and all the items here. Most of the business are served through this hub. Biking and cycling may be another fun here. High are wide and straight which make riding fun. People here are kind and helpful. You can find several hotels and lodge. There are several traveling agency if you need. The main problem her may be of fraud. You have take good care of your things. Theft is also any problem near the border.

Delicacy of Bhairahawa Shiksha Gurung

Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung
Delicacy of Bhairahawa Siksha Gurung

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