Get to know Nepal finest lady Disco Jockey – DJ Moichyan

Interview with one of the finest Lady DJ of Nepal.
Hello DJ Moichyan It’s great feeling to talk with you, with lady DJ, so please tell me about yourself? Who is DJ Moichyan?

Well,My name is Deepika Kc.I started Djing when I was 16years old.I was just a regular girl before I started djing.Djing brought out the confidence that was hidden inside me.

Being a  lady DJ , how it looks like?

It feels amazing to stand out of the crowd.when you are djing and your are a lady then everyone got their eye on you..every single move that you do people try to copy you.Its like you are hypnotizing people (haha).It feels great to be others inspiration.

Do you think that “deejay world” is men’s world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous lady DJ?

well,in context to Nepal DJ world is for men as clubbing is usually at night.But dj world is not only for men!If your parents does’t support you then every field is only for men.And My parents supports me in every step i do.

Tell me please how you begin with music and deejaying?

I started my djing after I complete my School.My brother is also Dj and He is my inspiration.He guided me in this field where as Wave Dj academy gave me the platform.I wasn’t sure about doing Dj but when I went to party then I was like wow what was that music,how they did that…that curiosity really hit me and made me Dj toady!

Your coolest place where you worked?

I haven’t done worked as resident DJ.But There was event organized by Rotten apples in Chitwan That was amazing event.Djing with one of the finest Dj srv was a great experience..

Describe me your feelings when you play music?

I feel the music all those beats amd music..I see the story in the music..evertime I perform I think this is my last performance i must give my 200%. What style of music you are playing? -Normally I play Commercial House,Electro house,progressive house.

Yours favorite musicians and songs?


What is the music situation in Nepal generally?

Its growing now.People started to experiment new music.They do fusion with traditional instruments and its getting better day by day.

How hard is there to work for a lady in such profession in a country like Nepal?

It is not so hard if we are safe!Working is not hard but being a lady our safety comes first.So I would like to request all the male out there to make us feel safe and secure.

DJ Moichyan, do you see yourself as famous deejay?

People don’t recognize me as Deepika They recognize me as Dj Moichyan.When I walk and some people say Dj moichyan hoina..then I feel like yes People know me…I am quiet famous..

What is your goal DJ Moichyan?

Remain DJ moichyan throughout my life -Be a fashion Designer.

DJ Moichyan, is the future now, at this moment, and how do you see yourself in future?

Well I will be djing with my kids after 10years if you ask me.As being a girl it is forsure i will get married and have kids but before that I need to do smth that make me proud of myself.I’m in the process now.

Have you anything to say more what is important and I haven’t asked you and I am sure I missed many things?

Well As being a lady I would like to talk about our safety as i mentioned above. Treat us like you want others to treat your sisters.Make us feel safe.If you do that you will see us going even higher.

Do you have for me and for readers any exclusive news at this moment?

Well After Dashain people from 8cities will catch me playing at your cities Tilll then keep on supporting me.Jay Nepal.

Thankful to  Finest lady DJ

DJ Moichyan


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