Nepals Sexiest DJ – Sensational talk with DJ Zenny

DJing is a passion among the youth these days. Teens are attracted towards this professional. Among all of them Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny is one of the prominent Dj in K town. She is considered as Nepals Sexiest DJ . Several media had entitled her with Nepals Sexiest DJ . Here we bring you a sensational talk with Nepals Sexiest DJ.

Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny
Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny

What is Nepals Sexiest DJ real name?

Tshering Lama

Is Zenny your title name then?

I would likely say that “Zenny” is my stage name. I do have another phrase generally used by my fans  as my title.

“Nepals sexiest DJ”-This is the phrase .Am I right?

Absolutely (being gracious and glad).

Where were you born and where are you residing now?

I was born in Silong, Nagaland in India. But I have been residing in the capital Kathmandu for many years and I am very proud working for my country Nepal.   

How long have you been playing professionally?

For around 2 years.

Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny
Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny

What inspired you to enter this field?

I always had been a party-maniac. I went to a party with foreigner’s involved in INGO’s once. I was attracted towards that set of instrument since that party. And from that day my love for DJ’ing has resulted in what I am now.

Which club are you associated with these days?]

I recently worked at TGIF lounge and bar. But I will join Club OMG very soon. Club OMG is owned by a friend of mine so they are waiting for my professional debut as a club DJ and I’m eager for that too.

What time of night do Nepals sexiest DJ prefer playing and why?

I love playing from 9pm to 12pm generally. It is the time of youth. The crowd  show their intent and love for drinking and dancing which always inspires me too give my fullest.

Can you explain the feeling you get when you’re in the DJ deck and controlling the crowd?

It’s unbelievable. I mean it’s like a queen-bee governing the party-freaks. But I am always out in front for that. Their happiness is directly proportional to my height of success and I am always aware of that.

Places you would like to mention where you loved your playing session?

The best one of them was of course my last party in Nepalgunj. It was a party thrown on the opening ceremony of a Hotel. It was a huge party where fashion show was followed up by concert and DJ session. I was amazed to see the huge group of elder women dancing in the floor like they are still enjoying their teenage. I mean there were women of my mom’s age in large number dancing and enjoying the beats of music and proving their presence which was worthy and could never be neglected.

Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny
Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny

Craziest thing that has ever happened to Nepals sexiest DJ in a party?

Well, people coming and asking for the photo is just normal. Some of them come and stare as if they have seen something strange. It was awkward in the beginning but I am getting used to it.  I love those moments, they bring better out of me.

Ya, afterall the stardom has started haunting you .You are set for the mega-events and mega-projects ,aren’t you?

Fans are crazy, you know. They come and directly hug me in some events. Some of them just wait for my arrival .Its thriving. I enjoy that. Their love and my devotion are the things that will give me success in the future.

Who do you think are the topmost lady competitors in DJ’ing field in Nepal?

I don’t take anyone as my competitor. I am self-made and I have my own formula of life. Look, everyone in this field have their own specialities. I have my own. I am going to sharpen what I have and be “me” only. I will not change to compete with anyone. I will be me and I assure everyone will love me for that.

How do you describe yourself?

I am a simple girl with high motives .I will dig my own way of happiness. My goal of life is being a best DJ and I will always be active in social services.

What is Nepals sexiest Dj relationship status?

I am single but very much focused about my career. I will work my sweat out to be a big name in my field. I am open and even when it comes to personal relation, I am very good at keeping the bond strong. I’ll let my fans know whoever in future will impress me. After all fans made me and I’ll never let them down.

What do Nepals Sexiest DJ think sex is?

It’s a need but not as basic as it is taken now. It needs love, affection, caring and devotion for a complete sex.

Do you smoke and drink socially?

There has always been a mis-concept about late night partying. I don’t need to drink for my parties. Late night party is what I prefer but with no compulsion of drunk partying. I do like drinking but on occasion only. I don’t drink in every parties. I don’t like smoking though.

What do you prefer for your special occasion drink then?

I love everything’s that’s old-old friends, old times, old manners, old books and of course old wines. Other than wines I prefer JD and beer mostly. But in right time, right place and right amount. They are my ingredients for drinking.

Despite presence of all other lady DJ’s known for partying all over Nepal, why DJ Zenny is known as Nepals sexiest lady DJ?

From my perception, Nepal’s Sexiest DJ know what glamour is. I know when to dress casual and when to look like a diva. I mean I dress to define boldness not vulgarity. I get lots of good comments for my dress combination. Along with that I am always known for my hard work and my wildness to party. I always act as a fuel in a fire-that should be why. Sometimes a glamorous image of sexiness is misread by the people.

Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny
Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny

How do you tackle those  situation when people misbehave or mis-interpret about Nepals Sexiest DJ?

Party lovers come to party despite the ticket prices being high. It’s my job to create a party friendly environment. A DJ is always a centre-point of party. So from my dressing to my professionalism everything counts.

People may misunderstand my bold dressing for exposing. But I am a Nepalese girl , I know the expectations of my culture. Recently people have started knowing in depth about parties .They know what the word “sexy “ means. So it has been easy facing people since they know what is inside  a DJ profession.

A tall, bold and beautiful physique-why DJ’ing and not modeling?

I want to be a complete DJ.I look good and bold. But yet I am an unfilmed model. Everytime you meet me you’ll love me. Let’s make everyone dance in the floor first and then I’ll think to entertain in other ways.

Now I am proudly associated with Pujana Fims, the production house of actress Poojana Pradhan.”Chocolate” was the film released lately by the production house. It is a very good story. I like the work of every cast and crew of that film.

Can you mention some of the national and international counterparts you love seeing in the deck?

DJ Prajwol dai is my teacher. He belongs to Wave Academy. It is a DJ  academy  here in Kathmandu. Prajwol dai has always stood up behind me as my mentor. Other than him, DJ Sisir dai has always supported me and boosted up my confident.

Talking about international DJ’s, I love DJ Juicy M and there are many other noticable names.

Are you happy with the schedule lined up for future projects? Are you happy with the behavior of the organizers, the payment of the sponsors and the response of your fans? Are you happy overall being a DJ in Nepal?

I have huge projects lined up. Banglore party was the most awaited one. But it was postponed due to some technical difficulties. The date for the party is still not out but I have been regularly counseling with the organizers. I was amazed that they are always positive about me.

All the organizers are not same. I have been deceived by some bounced cheques in the past. But some of the organizers pay before the event. There has always been a mixed result in case of payments but I am glad with the response of fans and their presence.

What do Nepals Sexiest DJ think is still missing in this field?

Well you asked the question of my heart. In lots of other countries including out neighbor India the music organized by DJ are given  chance in the film. But here we should either record our own album with 6 or 7 songs or stay idle. Everyone can’t afford that. So I feel their music should be given chance into films. This is still missing in Nepal. Our works needs stage to prove.

At last any words for your fans?

Thanks for your love. Please be the same always and love me and I’ll return your love through my music. I wish all of you for further happiness in life. Merry Christmas FELLAS and finally thanks


Interview with Nepals sexiest DJ by : Bijay Thapa

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