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Swaar Samrat Narayan Gopal was born in October 4 1939 in Kathmandu. His full name was Narayan Gopal Guruwacharya. He had four sisters and six brothers. He completed his School Leaving Certificate exams in 2016 B.S. He studied Bachelor degree in Arts. He complete his degree from Tri Chandra college. He learn indian classical songs. He was  to married Pemala Lama in 1971.He was a very close friend of Bhupi Sherchan. He was a famous poet at that time. He is all time favorite Nepali classical singer. He is still famous for his songs. His songs is most about love and tragedy so is also called “Tragedy King”. You can listen Narayan Gopal songs through following links. Narayan Gopal is a versatile classical popular singer as well as composer of Nepali music. We can call him as “father of Nepali music”. He was a talented artist of that time. He was fluent is all the field of music. He can play every classical musical instruments. His favourite instrument is harmonium. She is oftenly seen playing harmonium in his lot of songs.

You can listen Narayan Gopal songs when you wants to listen something melodious. His songs are full of sorrows. He was the hit artist of  Radio Nepal at that time. Narayan Gopal Songs were composed by most himself using classical instrument like Harmonium, Flute, Madal, Tabala and many more. He was a very fine musical instrument player too. Narayan Gopal who died at December 5, 1990, Kathmandu is still alive in the field of history of Nepali Music. On the tribute to him there is Narayan Gopal Chowk. Now listen Narayan Gopal songs from here below. Though he is not here with us. His music and songs will be always remembered.
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