Gossip with Miss College Nepal 2015 – Pushpa Gurung

Pushpa Gurung is the current Miss College Nepal 2015 held in Pokhara. She is the trending and frequently repeated name in Pokhara’s Glamour industries. She is been engaged in several Fashion shows as model, Events as a host and anchor and even as jury and counselor for some beauty contest. Here is the exclusive interview and photo gallery of Miss College Nepal 2015 Pushpa Gurung.

Miss college Nepal 2015 Pushpa Gurung
Miss college Nepal 2015 Pushpa Gurung

You are the Miss College Nepal 2015. How do you feel right now?
Ummm … Right now i feel very awesome and my happiness takes no boundaries! By then, I had become much more busier than before . I had got so many opportunities and responsibilities after being the winner of Miss college Nepal 2015 .

What made you apply for the Miss College in the first place?
I came to know about this event through social media. I was first confused and was in real dilemma whether to take part or not. Support from my friends and family, my hard work and dedication makes me stood for the first place in Miss College Nepal 20155

How do you spend your leisure time?
Well , i am a workaholic person . So , i don’t get time for myself .But if i get free time i spend it with my friends by gathering, going parties , playing chess , reading magazine and so…on. I am fond of shopping too..

As the current Miss College , what do you plan on doing next?
As the current miss college ,i just want to be an inspiration for the young ladies and people i.e “nothing is impossible in life” and i am example of this short and sweet quote. After being Miss College Nepal 2015 and i have been working in different mega events as a model, anchor host and many more. I am all busy with my schedule in promoting Nepali fashion industry.

Pushpa Gurung - Miss College Nepal 2015
Pushpa Gurung – Miss College Nepal 2015

Who would you consider your role model?
I consider Nepali famous actress Namrata Shrestha as my role model cause mine aim is to be an actress. She is my inspiration and motivator I love her chariness , acting , attitudes , the way she speaks and overall she is beautiful, intelligent and versatile Nepalese actress too .

Any memorable moments from the Miss college competition that you would like to share with us?
Most of all the moment i would like cherish through out the life, the friends and the team was just wow. All of all when i was crowned Miss College Nepal 2015 then i was like hmmmm is this really happening to me (blushes).

Are you brand-conscious? From where do you get you stuff?
Not that much, i love to wear causal and classy attires and not from the specific brands. Simply i love to wear what suits me 🙂
What do you think is the importance of such an event for young Nepali women?
yeah for the teen like me or Nepali women its really a very important event to compete. One can express the full potential of yours, its a platform to show what u r made of up and your hidden talents. It may be the first step towards some ones ultimate goal.

There are so many young Nepalis migrating outside of the country. For somebody who came back, what do you have to say to the Nepali youth abroad?
I don’t say its wrong to go abroad, it’s good. People will learn new things.They will improve their skills since they will be getting more and valuable facilities compared to Nepal. After.After gaining such beneficial skills,technique and education.I want to say them that they must return to their motherland Nepal and share their knowledge to the Nepali citizen so that it will help Nepal to become a developed country from developing since our country still need skilled and technical manpower.

Pushpa Gurung - Miss College Nepal 2015
Pushpa Gurung – Miss College Nepal 2015

What your perception toward Women Empowerment??
I believe that women are not helpless in context of facing existing challenge around the world. They are decision makers for themselves,their family, villagers, business and government so i would like to request every Nepali Sister to express the thoughts and desire, Speak for the humanism think empowering women to participate fully in economic life across all sectors is essential to build stronger economies, achieve development and improve the quality of life for women ,men,family and communities.

Last word that you like to share with world and your fans?
As we all know ” aim for success not for perfection ” in the same way i followed this quote.And in every field the thing that works is strength . I believe that i have confident, ability to speak in front of mass and i am a hardworking girl having a positive attitudes towards my life . Due to which i gave my all in this event and hence you can see the result. All it takes is hard work, intense concentration and dedication.

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Interview with Miss College Nepal 2015 – Pushpa Gurung

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