Know about Nepal government local health services.

The delivery of the health service in Nepal is a challenging task. It requires multi sectoral coordination and cooperation. Moreover, it also require active participation of the people and adequate budget. Single unit or organization is not sufficient to provide health services. Therefore there are different  organizations and agencies under Nepal government local health services and facilities.

Nepal government local health services
Nepal government local health services

Nepal government local health services and facilities are

  1. Health post and sub health post: The main purpose of health post is to provide basic health services to the people who live in rural area. In context of Nepal generally one health post covers five VDCs. There are normally six to seven personnel working in each health post. Health post is under the authority of health assistant or senior auxiliary health worker. The qualification of health assistant is certificate in general medicine. It provides simple health services such as preventive, promotive and curative services. According to the latest official data, there are 711 and 3176 health post and sub health post in Nepal.
  2. Primary health centre: It has comparatively better health facilities than a health post. There are  all together eleven health personnel under one medical officer. The Nepal government has a policy to establish one primary health centre  in each constituent’s area. According to latest official survey there are only 16 primary health centres.
  3. Hospitals:These are more reliable and well equipped health services providing organization of Nepal. Nepal government local health services are mostly provided through hospitals. They have advanced equipment for better service. Bir hospital is the first  hospital of Nepal establish in 1947 BS. Hospitals mainly provide three types of services. Emergency, Outdoor and Indoor services. They are categorized into general, special and teaching hospital according to the services provided. On the basis of regions hospital are grouped into district, zonal, regional and central hospitals.

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