Nepal only Hunting reserve Dhorpatan

An area set aside for conservation and management of wildlife to provide hunting for legal hunter is called hunting reserve. A particular species of animal, in a particular number in a particular region can be hunted at a particular time legally by taking permission from the concerned authority. Hunting reserve is established for the conservation and utilization of wildlife. Nepal only hunting reserve is Dhorpatan Hunting reserve.

Dhorpatan Hunting reserve Nepal only hunting reserve

Dhorpatan Hunting reserve was established in 2041 BS. It covers an area of 1325 square kilometer. This reserve adjoins Baglung an Myagdi district of Dhaulagiri zone and rukum of Rapti zone. The reserve is characterized by alpine, sub alpine and high temperate vegetation. More than 50 % of the total area of the reserve is occupied by pasture lands. Blue Seep, leopards, ghorals, Himalayan thars, Himalayan black bears, barking deer, wild boars, musk deer, wolfs, red pandas, etc are the mammal species found in the reserve. Around 137 species of birds have been recorded in the reserve. Hunting is allowed in the reserve after determining the excess number of the particular animal species. The hunting license is issued by the department of National parks and wildlife conservation.

Beside hunting reserve there are several national parks and conservation area for nature as well wildlife preservation and conservation. There are six conservation areas, ten national parks, three wildlife reserve area and Nepal only Hunting reserve Dhorpatan hunting reserve.

List of national parks of Nepal.

  1. Chitwan national park established in 1973 A.D.
  2. Shey-Phoksundo national park established in 1984 A.D.
  3. Lamtang national park established in 1976 A.D.
  4. Sagarmatha national park established in 1976 A.D.
  5. Rara national park established in 1973 A.D.
  6. Khaptad national park established in 2042 B.S.
  7. Bardiya national park established in 2032 B.S.
  8. Makalu Barun national park established in 1991 A.D.
  9. Shivapuri Nagarjun national park established in 2002 A.D.
  10. Banke  national park established in 2067 B.S.

List of Wildlife reserve of Nepal.

  1. Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve established in1976 A.D.
  2. Shukla pahta wildlife reserve established in1976 A.D.
  3. Parsa wildlife reserve established in1984 A.D.

List of Conservation Area of Nepal.

  1. Annapurna conservation area established in 1992 A.D.
  2. Kanchenjunga conservation area established in 1997 A.D.
  3. Mananslu conservation area established in 1998 A.D.
  4. Krishna Sar conservation area established in 2009 A.D.
  5. Api Nanpa conservation area established in 2010 A.D.
  6. Gauri Shankar conservation area established in 2010 A.D.

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