Nepali Fitness model Kay Dangol

Nepali Fitness model Kay Dangol real name is Kanchan Dangol. She is from Nuwakot. She is UK based Nepalese. She is known as natural body builder and fitness model. She is in this sport from last couple of years. After winning the main titles of Miami Pro European Championships held in London on 5th July she became more popular. This was her second titles in an international competition. Her first titles was Miss Bikini Peterborough and Pure Elite Overall Winner in 2013.

Nepali fitness Model kay Dangol
Nepali fitness Model kay Dangol

Currently she is preparing for World Beauty Fitness & Fashion competition. Peter Garay is the key for Dangol success. Her daily schedule includes workouts, training and cardio. She woke up at 6 in the morning. She starts the day with training and cardio before having breakfast.  Then she prepare her meal for the day and go to work. She continue working out after finishing her work. She come home to have her dinner. That is kay dangol daily routine. Her daily life include work and workouts. Her deep concentration and dedication make her more successful.

To be well toned fitness model one have to strictly follow diets. Her diet secret is eggs and oatmeal for first meal and chicken breast for her second meal. Her third meal consist of brown rice with turkey breast followed by protein shake. For dinner she usually have white fish with broccoli. She drink casein protein shake before going to bed. She had proved to be an example of hardwork. If you believe in yourself then success is always there for you. Her dedication toward her ultimate goal is really very impressive. She is becoming popular this days both within and outside the country.

Nepali fitness Model kay Dangol
Nepali fitness Model kay Dangol

She is the first bikini fitness model of Nepal. This type of contest is not organized here at Nepal. She has become a role model for Nepali girls. If you have interest then you can do something extra. Kay dangol changes the concept of fashion in Nepal. It good to get influenced for every Nepali girl from her. Be like Kay Dangol. Follow your dreams. Work hard to achieve your dreams and never give up. This is what we can learn from Nepali Fitness model Kay Dangol.

Inspiring tweets from Kay Dangol.

Try not to become a person of success. Try to become a person of value.

We are all so desperate to be understood. We forgot to be understanding.

Effort is attractive.

I and ME. I won’t change MYSELF for anyone.

Photo Courtesy : Matt Marsh and Kay dangol official facebook page.

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Nepali Fitness model Kay Dangol

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