Nepali women facts that every men should know

Women itself is a beautiful word. But when you try to understand the nature of women then its a complete mystery. Its hard to understand what women are thinking at instant time. Women are not expressive like men. When it comes to Nepali women then its more complicated task. Here are some of the Nepali women facts that every men should know.

Nepali women facts that every men should know
Nepali women facts that every men should know

Top Ten Nepali Women facts

1. If you got dual crush on Nepali women then don’t please wait for her to propose you. Nepali women never like to propose any men. Instead they loved to being proposed.

2. Nepali women loves to be called you are looking beautiful by men. When you got any one for a date, greet her with you are looking gorgeous right after you meet.

3. Don’t ever say you are fat, short blah blah. Nepali women does not like offensive comment. It may ruin your relationship.

4. Nepali women like phone calls and text at every interval of time by their men. They love to be feel cared by their men. This is most remember Nepali women facts.

5. Whether some may disagree, Nepali women love fancy dates and dinner. They love lavish environment to be.

6. Nepali women should be treated as first priority. They don’t like to be an option. This is most important Nepali women fact.

7. Do not plan hiking with Nepali women. Seriously Nepali women do not like to walk. They ain’t gonna have fun by walking.

8. Nepali women are much more smarter then men think. They have good judgement and analysis over a situation.

9. Nepali women like surprises and gifts. So don’t miss a single occasion to greet your girl with gifts and surprises.

10. Nepali women gets jealous easily. They don’t like their men appreciating beauty of another girl.

Do follow this Nepali women facts it will surely enhance your relationship.

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