Nepals Traditional Dances Classical and Folk

Nepal is multi lingual and multi cultural country. It is diversified in ethnicity. No country in the world have these sort of huge varieties of cultural and traditional taste. Each culture have their own tradition and ritual. Exciting thing is that all have their own mother tongue language and Cultural dresses. Most of all they all have different Nepals tradition dances. Dance is a regular movement of feet and body in a very pleasing way. Songs, music and dance are inter-related with each other. As we know song is incomplete without music. Similarly dance is incomplete without songs and music. There are two types of tradition dances they are: Classical and Folk dances. Some of the examples of Nepals Traditional Dances :

Nepals Traditional Dances list

  1. Ghatu Nritya: It is popular among the Gurung community.It is the part of culture and tradition. Unmarried girls of age 11 to 19 years go to their guru. Who invokes the goddesses into them who are performing the dance . The dancer sing the mantras.
  2. Deuda Naach : This dance was originated from Mid western and Far western Region.It is performed by forming a circle. It can be performed by holding hands of the adjacent dancers.
  3. Sorathi Nritya: It is well observed in Gurung community.  It is also danced in circle. Dancer also dance by playing madal. Madal is hanged down from their waist.
  4. Maruni Nritya: This dance is widely observed these days in eastern hills. It is performed by men in the guise of women.
  5. Devi Nritya: This dance starts from Gaijatra. It ends at Indrajatra. It is mostly observed  in the capital city Kathmandu and Bhaktapur.
  6. Hanuman Nritya: People dance in the avatar of Hanuman .Hanuman was the devotee of Ram. It is in practice in Baglung, Syangja and other districts the region.
  7. Than Naach: It is popular in Limbu community. It is performed during the harvest, the season of the major   crops. They dance holding each other’s hand to form circle or line.The song sung during this occasion is called “Palam”.
  8. Chandi Naach: This Nepals Traditional Dances is widely observed in the Rai community.Chandi song is sung with Dhol-Jhyamta while dancing. It occurs during the festival of Undhauli and Unbhauli Parva.
  9. Dandi Naach: This dance is trend of eastern as well as the central Terai. It is observed on Phagu Purnima. It is performed by hitting two sticks. It is also called Phagu Naach.
  10. Gauna Nritya: This dance is based on Mithila tradition. It is very popular in janakpur region. It is displayed on religious occasions.
  11. Kaura Naach: It is popular among Magars of the western region. It is accompanied by Kaura song.
  12. Madikhole Naach: This Nepals Traditional Dances is practiced in the Mid-Western Region.
  13. Mundhum Naach: This dance belong to the Kirant community of eastern Nepal. It is popular in the eastern hills. Phedangba or Phedangma or Nakchhong that is Priest sings Mundhum while the dance is on.
  14. Chyabrung Nritya: This dance is popular among the Rai community. It is performed in the tune and music of Chyabrung.
  15. Hopcha Nritya: This dance is popular among the Rai community of Dhankuta. Its is a traditional classical dance
  16. Charya Nritya: This dance is based on the story of gods and goddess. This dance is prevalent in the Kathmandu Valley.
  17. Singaru Nritya: This is practised in the Mid-Western hills. Especially in  jajarkot district.
  18. Bhairab Nritya: This is a classical dance of different enjoyment. The dancers assume of guise of Bhairab (Demon). It is practiced in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  19. Hudkeli Nritya: It is based on the story of Puranas. It is practised in Far-Western region of Nepal. It was originated from Damai communities.
  20. Charitra Nritya: This Nepals Traditional Dances is based on the theme of the epics of the puranas. It belongs to the Terai region.
  21. Tarware Naach: It is a Nepals Traditional Dances. It is folk dance of the Gandharvas.
  22. Khyali Naach: It is also called Pangdure dance . It is based on Khyali song. It is danced with the music of the khaijadi and Mujuras. It is celebrated during festivals and poojas.
  23. Chhokara Nritya: This dance is popular in the Far Western Region. It is very close and similar to Maruni Naach.
  24. Panchabuddha Nritya: This is dance based on the Buddhist community and tradition.
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