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Nepal is among the least developed country. From decades there in not any huge development project undergoing. All the mega project are limited only in papers. There are numerous numbers of projects which are given authority by Nepal government. Some projects are still not started which were introduced thirty forty years ago. Due to political un stability Nepal development is zero. Still there are some proud project which as ongoing nepal big projects.

Some of the ongoing nepal big projects are

  1. Melamchi Drinking water project: This project total budget is 8 arab Nrs. Water from melamchi, yangee and larke river is supplied to Kathmandu valley through 27 km tuneelling.
  2. East west railway or Mechi Mahakali railway: It is 945 km electric railway connecting mechi in  east to mahakali gadachauki in west. Its total budget is 6 kahrab 54 arab 14 crore Nrs.
  3. West seti hydropower project: This project has total capacity of 750 megawatt located in Doti and Achham District Farwestern.
  4. Second International Airport: This second international airport of Nepal is under construction at Bara district Nijgad.
  5. Pokhara regional international airport: This is one of the oldest project of Nepal. 3106 ropani of land at pokhara was captured for the purpose in 2032 BS. It is one of the ongoing nepal big projects.
  6. Bhairahawa regional international airport: This airport is also known and Gautum Buddha airport . Bhairahawa nearby Lumbini birth place of Gautum Buddha will be the location. It will be featured by 3 km long and 40 meter wide subway.
  7. Kathmandu Terai Madesh fastlane: It is 76 Km fast lane connecting kathmandu and terai.
  8. Shikta Irrigation Project: It is irrigation project for 42 thousand hectar area of land. It was initiated at 2063 Bs but has not constructed yet. The will be collected from Rapti river merging old Dunduwa irrigation project. The length of the canel for this project is 50 km.
  9. Rani jumriya kulriya irrigation Project:  It is irrigation project for 30 thousand hectar area of land in kailali District.
  10. Budi Gandaki Hydropower Project: Total capacity of this project is 600 Mw. It is located in Dhading and Gorkha district consisting 50 sqkm of reservoir.
  11. Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project:  Total capacity of this project is 456 Mw. It is located in Dolakha district.
  12. Terai Hulaki marga: It is a road network parallel to existing east west railway.
  13. Koshi corridor: It is road network connecting koshi zones morang to kimathanka sankhuwasaba to china border.
  14. Gandaki corridor: It is road network connecting Nawalparasi to mustang to tibet.
  15. Karnali corridor: It is road network connecting kalikot jumla to Humla to china border.
  16. Puspalal Highway: It is a Mid hilly highway connecting cyangthapu panchthar in east Nepal india border Chiwa Bhangyang to Jhulaghat Baitadi in west. It is 1776 Km long road way.
  17. Babai Irrigation project: It is irrigation project for 40 thousand hector land in Banke Bardiya district.
  18. Bheri Babai Diversion multipurpose project: It is a irrigation  as well as hydropower project Bardiya district. In this project water from Bheri river is merged with Babai river through 12 Km long tunnel. 60 thousand hector land of banks and bardiya district will be benefited through this project.



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