Top five most visit Pokhara top bars and restaurant

Pokhara is major tourism place in Nepal. It has all sorts of pokhara top bars to different restaurant. Visitors can enjoy pokhara not only through natural resources but also can do so by visiting pokhara top bars. Visitors can enjoy live music, cultural dance disco, water sports and many more. Here we are going to present five Pokhara top bars list.

Pokhara top bars count down
Pokhara top bars count down

Pokhara top bars count down.

5. The Irish Pub Pokhara: It is at number five in list of pokhara top bars. Irish pub pokhara is a good place to hangout with friends. It is located in central lakeside. A narrow pass way with lots of graffiti. Big screen projector and Live music is its main feature. It has well designed interior. Chairs and table are of woods which give classic look. Visitors can enjoy different food item and drinks. It has enough space to handle good crowd.

4. Oxygen restaurant and bar: As far my concern it is owned by the vocalist of edge band Jeevan gurung. It is also at number four in list of Pokhara top bars. It is located near Barahi chowk. Live music is the main attraction of the place. It often organize fashion night out. LotsĀ of beautiful girls like to go there. Foods and drink are served here. Oxygen is featured by mostly acoustic bands.

3. Amsterdam: It is one of the popular and old bar in pokhara. Lots of foreigner like to visits this place. It interior is cool. Good foods and drinks are served. Music played here is loud. Rocks songs are mostly played. The main thing we notice there is the big guitar placed in top. Ofcourse the candle stand were noticeable. It got nice backyard garden to relax.

2. The old blues bar: It is my favorite Pokhara top bars. The name indicate how old bar it is. It is the oldest bar in pokhara. It offers live music and pool. The unique thing about this bar is we do not get food here. It serves only liquor. The place is small but large enough to entertain you. Lots of foreigner visit this place. It give western touch in Nepali land. Best part of this bar is music. It gives quality of music with good bands and rocking music.

Pokhara top bars count down
Pokhara top bars count down

1. Busy bee cafe: It is the hottest places in pokhara. Crowd is what busy bee is famous for. Interior is ok but crowd is always awesome here. Every night it offer live music feature. by different local bands. I personally don’t like this place because price are unnecessarily high and service is poor. Busy bee is busy in collecting money but they are not upgrading there service.

This list does not refers any official facts. It is generated through few visitor choice.

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