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Privacy Policy

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This statement is regarding “Privacy Policy” for yeahnepal an aerial view of Nepal named
“” and its sub-domains. The Site is under the sole authorization and monitoring
of yeahnepal Team . This Privacy Policy statements sets up some of our policies regarding
the use and disclosure of our certain content or information in your use of the Site.
By using this Site it indicate you are understanding and accepting our terms and condition
under Privacy Policy.

1. Collecting Information:Similar as many website and web contents, we may use “cookies”

and or other technology in the Site to enhance latest functionality and technologies. These
are nothing but the temporary files that gets stored in computer in order to faster access and
may be used by us to collect and store information related to your viewing and use of our Site.
We may collect your IP (Internet Protocol) address to know who actually is browsing our site.
Third parties may be advertisers, content providers software vendors etc may also use
Tracking Technologies by or through the Site. We have no control over over such misuse may
be made by any third party.
With respect to Ad Servers: the policy is highlighted here below. For further information,
consult the privacy policies of:
2. Usage and Sharing:Any information use from this site with a prior notice its taken as illegal
and any action may be taken by the team according to the cyber law act.
3. Security:Any content in this site is not guarantee for 100% security. Any misuse of the
content may be done by anyone so you must accept this facts to use this site.
4. Consent to Processing:There may be some ambiguity regarding some personal information
to our site so you must accept this in order to use the site.
5. Links:The links outside of our control may navigate you to another URL this may happen .
Please be aware of that we have no control over these links and sites and our privacy policy
are not implemented there.
6. Your Acceptance of this Policy:By using our Site, you are accepting our Privacy Policy. If
you think there is something you wish not to agree then we recommend you not to use our
site. All the contents and are the reserved under yeahnepal policy any modi fication, change
can be done as per requirement.

7.Age Requirement for Use of Site: Depending upon the country some of the content may not be

appropriate for every age group. If so then 18+ stay out rule should be implemented.
[Note: if you think if we are violating someones terms and conditions then let us know. ASAP
restoration will be done]
Thanks for approving the privacy policy.