Ropeway, Railway and Dry port in Nepal

There are several means of transportation in Nepal. Roadway, Airway, Highway, Ropeway, Railway etc are some of the examples. Due to geographical complexity and poor economic status Nepal don’t have much infrastructure regarding airway, ropeway and railway. Almost 95 percentage of transportation means are still roadway. Here are some of the unknown Ropeway, Railway and Dry port in Nepal along with several means.

Constructed  and initiated in 1972 BS and 1985 BS respectively, The tunnel located at chure hill hetauda pathlaiya east west highway sector is the first Tunnel way of Nepal. It is not used by now.

Inaugurated by former crown prince Dipendra, Kurintar Mankamana Cable car is the first cable car service of Nepal. It is 2.8 KM long and was constructed with the budget of 40 crore under the supervision of Manakamana Darsan PVT LTD. The technology and machinery assistance was done by Austrian company named Doplemayer.

First Ropeway of Nepal was constructed during the tenure of prime minister chandra shumsher. That ropeway connected Ghorsing to matatirtha in kathmandu. It was completed in year 2020/21 BS with the help of American government. Due to lack of repair and maintenance it was not used. It was later modernized with the help of France government. Another ropeway is 3 KM long was contructed in 2052 BS,  connecting Bhatteydanda and Jhakri danda of Lalitpur district.

Note: Rope Way Nepal Pvt is the private organization responsible for the development and studying possibilities of Rope way in Nepal. It was established in 2004 AD.

Another type of ropeway is Mechanized Bridge. The longest mechanized bridge of Nepal lies in Kotre panditpur Tanahu district. It is of 520m long over seti river.

First railway service was also establsihed at 1984 BS during the tenure of prime minister chandra shumsher. It connect Amlekhgunj of Bara district with Nepal India border. It is not is running condition. Another  railway 51 Km was constructed during the tenure of Juddha Shumsher in 1993 BS. It connects Janakpur and Jayanagar.

Several Dry port In Nepal:

  1. Birgunj Dryport, Parsa
  2. Bharahawa Dryport, Rupendehi
  3. Biratnagar Dryport, Morang
  4. Kakadbitta Dryport, Jhapa
  5. Nepalgunj Dryport, Banke
  6. Larcha Tatopani Dryport, Sindhupalchowk



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