Experience underwater Scuba diving in Nepal for first time

Experience Scuba Diving Nepal for the First Time
Pokhara is the tourism capital of the country. Here you can find different natural beauty.This is for people who loves water sports. Every body wish to fly like a bird and swim like a fish. Now make your wish come true. Take your adventure madness into next level. Underwater Scuba diving is now possible in Nepal. In tourism capital Pokhara you can do underwater scuba diving. Scuba diving Nepal was first introduced by Dragonfly Adventure. It was initiated under the mastery of adventurist M.r. Bibek Sen Gurung.

Scuba Diving nepal
Experience underwater (scuba) diving first time in Nepal

Scuba diving in Nepal is done here at pokhara in Do-villa river. It is located down to International mountain museum. This is done through SUP Nepal. It is located at Damside. It  provides u the wide range of water sports. Some of them are water cycle, water bike, stand up paddle, water ball etc. For Scuba diving Nepal one should take the preliminary course. The course is of about 10 to 15 minutes. That is done in nearby swimming pool. This course will give you a lesson about diving. You will be made familiar with the euipments. You will be instructed by a instructor, Then, only u will be taken to the real spot to explore the world of under water.

Scuba Diving nepal
Experience underwater (scuba) diving first time in Nepal

Contact For Scuba diving in Nepal

All Scuba euipments will be provide by company at the real time. Scuba diving equipments includes air tank, fins, pressure guage, mask and snorkel etc . M.r. Sujan Thapa is the
adventure specialist. He is also a Scuba instructor. He had played a vital role in rescue with Nepal army. He diving under the river to rescue 7 to 10 dead bodies. He will guide you with complete instructions. He is the multi talented person. He is a paragliding pilot too. He is available both under and above the water.  If you want to fly like a bird then you can do paragliding. He can be directly contacted in 9817121836.

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  1. Hi,
    I am willing to do the scuba diving in Nepal.
    Please provide your address and mail id so I can contact with you.


  2. ello its me sumana subba m from nepal i done out of country diving so many time 30mtr deep so i want to try in my motherland ..so is there is any ladys in nepal they did diving want to make my own team to show all ppl in nepal have also ladys team for scuba divers …info subbasumana@gmail.com

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