Social Activist Samikshya Shrestha interview

Samikshya Shrestha was entitled with Miss personality. It was in Miss Nepal 2013. She is studying Bachelor in Hospitality Management at NCCS college. An active social activist Samikshya Shrestha has also completed her Diploma in language and culture from ISI Tokyo, Japan. She is also a brand ambassador for Peace Wave Nepal.It works for children, women and environment.

social activist Samikshya Shrestha
social activist Samikshya Shrestha

lets know more about social activist Samikshya Shrestha

We had seen Samikshya shrestha in different events media and papers. Actually who is Samikshya?

Samikshya shrestha is a very simple person who has high ambition and want to make her parents proud like any other young generation. Who wants to be a change and believes that a single person can make difference.

Any specific field that you are engaged now?
Hospitality Management by educational background.I am working as social activist and media personality.

What and who inspire u to do so? Was that your earliest dream of your childhood?
My inspiration always came from my grandfather. He was also a social activist. Since childhood i went to social events with him. It raised my interest of social development and belief in power to change.

How and when did you start your career in this field?
As for media industry, I wanted to try in this field since childhood. My dream was a pilot(Blushes). I started as media person after my winning of subtitle at Miss Nepal. That was my formal start.

social activist Samikshya Shrestha
social activist Samikshya Shrestha

List of major events program function that you represent till date?
Miss Nepal, Various event mcee/host.
Brand ambassador of peace wave Nepal.
Showstopper at different fashion events and shows.
Flood relief collection by Ganesh Man Singh foundation.
Different youth seminars and workshops.
Judge for miss teen queen.

Tell us something about your profession. How is it going ???
Right now i’m taking my work rather slow.I am engaged in my education issues. Completing my education has been my first and foremost priority.

Where do you see yourself in five to 10 years’ time?
In 10 years i see myself a successful hotelier. A well known media person and married perhaps.

Tell me about an accomplishment you are proud of?
I’m proud of few things i achieved in life.
My academics qualification.
Flood relief campaign that we did.
Earthquake donation campaigns.
Educating women and children as we have our own school for children called ida’s school at Chitin.
Also unforgettable moment when i went to different schools for donation collection with Kutumba band. Their warm welcome has engraved my heart

Being social activist how would u explain the days and time that Nepalese are going through after the mega earthquake till date in brief.
After the destructive earthquake i believe the unity of Nepalese has become stronger which enabled them to overcome the huge loss we had. But i personally request all citizens to demand the accounting transaction of pm’s fund where all relief funds were collected.

What do u think about Nepalese Modeling and film industry?
I think Nepal’s media industry could get lot improvement if they give opportunity for talents. Rather than financially stable persons. Also there most be proper recognition to model so that people who work hard achieves too.

How do you spend your leisure time?
I spend my leisure time at home cooking and watching movies.

social activist Samikshya Shrestha
social activist Samikshya Shrestha

Who would you consider your role model?
I consider my role model as my mama Arun Kumar Shrestha.

Are you brand-conscious? From where do you get you stuff?
Brand conscious not so much but yes few things that goes to my brand interest are perfumes , watches and shoes. I get my stuffs usually from abroad.

What is your greatest weakness?
My greatest weakness is i’m a bad listener .

What are Social Activist Samikshya Shrestha strengths?
My strength lies with in my confidence and my honesty

If you had to live your life over again, what one thing would you change?
If i got that mega opportunity, i would have changed the political scenario of our country

How hard is there to work for a lady in the country like Nepal.
To work in Nepal, for a lady or men all you need is connection. Its not about open mind and talent.. That saddens me a lot people. Who are worthy and deserving always gets neglected.

What is Women Empowerment??
It is strengthening women in skill and knowledge

Last word that you like to share with your fans?
To world,Lets make world more peaceful place to live.
Be the change and things will change around you.

And to my fans,

Thanking them from my heart for supporting me throughout my journey.
I would do everything in my power to be their voice and reach back to them.

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