Nepals Sexiest DJ – Sensational talk with DJ Zenny

Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny

DJing is a passion among the youth these days. Teens are attracted towards this professional. Among all of them Nepals Sexiest DJ – DJ Zenny is one of the prominent Dj in K town. She is considered as Nepals Sexiest DJ . Several media had entitled her with Nepals Sexiest DJ . Here we bring you a sensational…

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Nepals Traditional Dances Classical and Folk

Nepals Traditional Dances

Nepal is multi lingual and multi cultural country. It is diversified in ethnicity. No country in the world have these sort of huge varieties of cultural and traditional taste. Each culture have their own tradition and ritual. Exciting thing is that all have their own mother tongue language and Cultural dresses. Most of all they all…

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Together Goes Literature and Music With Sabina Rai

Sabina Rai – Versatile Nepali Lady Singer

As youth are attracted to the glam fame creatively. Some of them have carried their responsibilities to next level. Sabina Rai is a highly talented singer. Versatile Nepali Lady Singer is just 21 years old. She has some interest in modeling too. She is a girl from a small town of Solukhumba. She had finished her…

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Experience underwater Scuba diving in Nepal for first time

Scuba Diving nepal

Experience Scuba Diving Nepal for the First Time Pokhara is the tourism capital of the country. Here you can find different natural beauty.This is for people who loves water sports. Every body wish to fly like a bird and swim like a fish. Now make your wish come true. Take your adventure madness into next level….

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