Top internet popular Nepali actress

This time we are here with you with top internet popular Nepali actress. This list is in terms of search made in different search engine.  This list may differ with several instant of time. Though here we go

Top internet popular Nepali actress
Top internet popular Nepali actress

Top internet popular Nepali actress list

5. Malvika Subba. She was crowned as Miss Nepal 2002 . She is a media personality, actress, social activist and entrepreneur.She started her media career being the host. She appeared in a famous TV series called call Kantipur along with Suraj Singh Thakuri. Recently she was seen as host and lead judge  of Mega Model season III. She was married to Riyaj Shrestha.

4. Priyanka Karki. She won the main title of Miss Teen Nepal 2005.  She is renowned  as an actress, singer, model, VJ and host. She started her career as  VJ. Which was shown on Kantipur Televison. She had done her Bachelor’s degree in Filmmaking from university of United States of America. Back then in 2011 She was first seen as lead actress.

3. Rekha Thapa. In 1999 Miss Nepal she was among the top ten finalist. She is renowned as top Nepali Actress and Film maker. She had played more then 200 movies till date. In 2012 Rekha Thapa gets divorced with her husband Chhabi Raj Ojha.

 2. Nisha Adhikari. She is the winner of Miss International Nepal 2005 along with Miss Personality. She is an Actress, VJ and model. She made her career in acting from the program on Kantipur TV. She was stared as actress in her first movie with Nikhil Uprety. It was was one of the hits of that year.

1. Namrata Shrestha. She is renowned as a model and an actress. She made a remarkable impression in the industry in different movie. She was struck by a scandal. Her sex video was viral on internet. Where she was seen nude having sex with a guy.

Top internet popular Nepali actress.


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