Top naughtiest Nepali actress

Nepali movies has jumped the extra steps. The class that the audience and fans are searching in Nepali actress is zero.The reason is unstable career in film line. Most of the Nepali actress are leaving this field. We can see very few actress who are taking films and movies as there main profession. This
days Nepali Movies are popping like mushrooms. We can see different emerging actress. They sheds their clothes just for the fame and publicity. Film industry is not able to provide quality of film. Inexperience model are turning into actress. Nowadays there market is of nudity. The pure talent is not given chance. The actress who can show some nudity are given more opportunity.  Here is the list of the top naughtiest Nepali actress who can expose themselves for the publicity of the movies.

List of top Naughtiest Nepali Actress

5. Arunima Lama: She is not a leading actress in Nepali Film Industry. She is always talk of the industry due her sensational look. She  feels no hesitation on shedding clothes even just for couple of minutes in the Nepali film. She is normally featured as a item girl. She has a very short role in a movie. In movie KINA KINA she is playing as the role of nude model. She has done extreme nudity just for the sake of publicity and fame. Her video of bed scene with superstar on youtube has topped the list. Different rumors are always popping on her. She is always in rumours because of her issues and scandles with film makers.

4. Poojana Pradhan: She started her career in movie HERO. She perform with most renowned Nepali actress Rekha Thapa. She is not able to make any remarkable impression in Nepali film industry. Different bikini photoshoots, hot bed scenes makes her talk of the industry. She is senior actress with no progress. Movie named RAKSHYA was not able to shook the box office too. She was featured in one hot and sexiest bed sence with actor Kushal Thapa. It makes her the top naughtiest Nepali actress.

3. Sushma Karki: She started her career from video Jockey. She turned to modeling. She also doesnot have Smooth career. She creates different rumors  to be alive in the industry. She gets rise in the Nepali Flim industry through her hot dance in the song Udhreko Choli. She is not featured as the main actress in movie. She makes her place in some item dance. She is usually seen in short sensual clip in the movie. Different hot and sexy bikini photo shoots video can be seen in the youtube. She has shown her half assests in the poster of movie BINDASS. She is busy in international performance this days. Hot bed scene in movie MERO JIWAN SATHI makes her number three top naughtiest Nepali actress.

2. Jiya KC: She is renowned for vulgar scenes and semi nude clip. Due to her excessive sexual contents movie named ATM and BARBAAD were banned. She was seen in several bed scenes with different actors. She has done several hot sensual photo shoots. They were very seductive. She hasn’t make any remarkable step in Nepali Film Industry. She has an affair with super star Bhuwan KC. Some rumors on that has made her talk of the industry. Her controversial statement about relations and affairs makes her top naughtiest Nepali actress.

1. Binita Baral: Her first movie was CHAPALI HEIGHT. She has given sexual content on the movie. She become successful from her first movie. She was fequently seen in romance with actor Aamir Gautum. Movie topped the industry. Exclusive contents were  highly featured.
The theme poster of the very movie was covered with nude picture of Binita Baral which was very well presented publicity stunt by the team and it works. After the hit movie she was casted in her second movie “FULL STOP” which went worst for Binita Baral. She will be seen in hot avatar on her next movie
“SUPERSTAR”. Her sensational nude appearence in movie and picture makes her topped the most naughtiest Nepali actress.

The above list is from different content of internet. The rank may not be true to some extent. The is prepared with own. One found to be copying will be charged.

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