Underground metal concert in Pokhara Nepal

DISHARMONY is the underground metal concert event. It was organised by underground pokhara. Underground metal concert in Pokhara Nepal. DISHARMONY was first initiated as PHASE I at 15th janaury 2010. The Time from kathmandu, Narsamhaar, Psycotive Nerve, Dark Guery Amort and House of Lord were the bands that featured the events for the first time. In order to keep metal alive in Pokhara and Nepal. Underground Pokhara have being organising DISHARMONY as underground metal concert in Pokhara Nepal. Every year DISHARMONY presents guest bands from different cities. Some time they invite international bands. For the second time PHASE II was held. It was organized on 14th janaury 2011. If Hope Dies from Darjeeling, Narsamhaar, Born in Silence and Danav Played brutal to make crowd go wild. It was followed by PHASE III. It was held on 7th july 2012. Sycorax from Darjeeling, Narsamhaar, Wakk Thu, Danav and Hellmate perform for the third time.

The fourth event was introduce as PHASE IV. It was held on 6th july 2013. Bands that played were Shannon Scam from Kathmandu. Dying out Flame from Kathmandu. Kaal and Mahadev.

The fourth event was introduce as PHASE V It was held on 5th july 2014. Bands that played were Binnash from kathmandu. Narsamhaar, Cropse Sick form Hetauda. Borrn In Silence and Rog.

The fourth event was introduce as PHASE VI It was Held on 24th july 2015. Bands that played were Plague throat from India. Kaal, Breach Not Broken from Kathmandu. Born In Silence,  House of Lord and Rog.

We yeahnepal would like to thank underground pokhara. The role of underground Pokhara is very vital. It has been promoting metal music since decades. It usually comes with different events. We would like to request all the readers to support underground Pokhara.

“DISHARMONY” Underground metal concert in Pokhara Nepal

Courtesy: Underground Pokhara

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