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She has keen interest in music, dancing and singing. From the teen age she was interested in singing and dancing. Later in 2006 she recorded her first album with capital based company. From this professional journey of Jyoti Thapa Magar was started. Till date she has given large numbers of hits song.  You can watch Jyoti Magar videos which were very much loved by her fans and listeners. More often Jyoti Magar is seen in different stage function. She is performing in several program both inside as well outside the country. She is always talk of the industry due to her rumours. Appealing and seductive dresses showing cleavages and assests makes her hot as hell.

You can Watch Jyoti Magar videos from the videos attached below. She has several rumors regarding her glamorous presentation in and off stage. Hence is always criticized by social media and news.

Till date  2016, She has introduced more than half dozen albums among the listeners and her fans. She has given her voice in more then 30 songs. She has worked in different folk as well dohori songs with various experienced and reputed artist. Sensuality and nudity is what we can see in hot Jyoti Magar videos. Beside Lok Dohori and folk songs she is also seen in Gurung culture based movie. She has done different street stage program as well. Stay and click the play button to Watch Jyoti Magar videos. She is considered as the hottest singer. She is seen exposing her bare body many times. Some time she is also seen in loving making seen. She got her sexy look on short dress. Due to her sexy looks she is named as Nepali Sunny Leone. She had recently released some of her hot music videos.

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