yarshagumba medical benefits and use

Cordyceps, Yarshagumba in Nepali and scientifically called cordyceps sinensis is vegetation under the mould group. Wide range of yarshagumba medical benefits are found. It is found in alpine grassland, at an altitude of 3000 m to 4200 m, meadows of Himalayan region in Nepal. It is about 5 cm to 8 cm in length. It has unique feature. It appears as an insect in winter and vegetation in rainy season, after snow melts.

yarshagumba medical benefits and use
yarshagumba medical benefits and use

life cycle of yarshagumba

Yarshagumba is germinated by spores. Enough spores are spread in the air from old cordyceps which are on the land. These spores stick in the body of caterpillar of kind of butterfly. These spores grow on the body of caterpillar. Its filaments enter into the body of the caterpillar in search of food. In this state, the caterpillar moves as per its requirement. More the fungi filaments spread in the body of caterpillar, the weaker it becomes. Lastly, the caterpillar dies going into the land . Then the fungi receives for from the dead insect and develops as a cordyceps. Thus it has two parts. The upper part is a fungus and the lower part is an insect. It doest not have steam, leaf, flower and fruit like other plants.

Yarshagumba medical benefits and uses

In the whole part is useful. It gives energy if it is taken with milk and honey. It is used for treatment of heart diseases, mental tension, used to increase the sexual power and also used to increase the energ

y. It is rare species and yields high economy. It prompts smugglers for illegal trade on it. Its collection, use, sale, distribution and export are prohibited. Beside this there are several other yarshagumba medical benefits. It is Nepal rare plants and  under conservation by Nepal government.

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